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      Events GDT Events Global Dairy Trade is known for setting the benchmark for prices of globally traded dairy ingredients. We’ve reflected this position, naming our established auction GDT Events. Its role remains unchanged. Find out more

      Market GDT Marketplace An online dairy trading hub that provides a flexible, convenient platform for buying and selling dairy. Find out more

      Insight GDT Insight Access to up-to-date data and historical results from GDT Events as they unfold. Available in tiered packages to suit your requirements. Find out more

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      is the globally connected marketplace for dairy


      Since 2008 we have built a reputation for transparency and integrity. We work with companies around the world to discover the market based reference prices for dairy and create new trading opportunities.

      Global Dairy Trade’s product suite is the definitive toolkit for connecting global pools of buyers and sellers in dairy.

      GDT Events is the leading global auction for trading large volume dairy ingredients and reference price discovery.

      GDT Marketplace is a broader marketplace to buy and sell a wide range of dairy products, in any quantity, at any time.

      GDT Insight is our data subscription service, designed to help you unlock more value in the world of dairy trading.

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      GDT publishes 2019 Annual Report

      16 February 2020

      Today, Global Dairy Trade published its 2019 Annual Report...

      Nestle joins GDT Oversight Board

      5 November 2019

      Nestle joins GDT Oversight Board.

      GDT Events Oversight Board votes to adopt proposed changes

      25 July 2019

      Following public consultation, the GDT Events Oversight Board has voted to adopt proposed changes to the GDT Events Oversight Board Charter and Rulings Panel, and the GDT Trading Event Rules.

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      help you grow and profit from the world of dairy trading.

      GDT Events

      Since 2008, the transparent and trusted way to connect buyers and sellers of dairy.

      A twice monthly Trading Event that impartially balances supply and demand for dairy products to determine market based reference prices.

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      GDT Marketplace

      A flexible and convenient channel to find and buy dairy products from around the world.

      Any dairy product, in any quantity, at any time.

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      GDT Insight

      Invaluable insight, as you require it.

      A subscription service that provides traders, analysts and dairy market participants with access to data from the twice monthly GDT Events.

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